3 Secrets to Sustainable and Successful Corporate Partnerships

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Webinar with Heather Nelson

3 Secrets to Sustainable and Successful Corporate Partnerships


Heather Nelson, Founder & CEO, BridgeRaise

Corporate partnerships provide vital financial support while establishing valuable relationships that amplify your organization’s reach and impact within your community. However, the time investment in building any corporate partnership can be significant, so making sure the partnership is long-term and successful is critical for charities and nonprofit organizations. 

But how? 

In this free webinar, join Heather Nelson, Founder and President of BridgeRaise, to discuss how building successful partnerships takes intention and strategy at all stages of the corporate partnership sales cycle.

During the session, Heather will share 3 keys to success:

  1. Overarching mindset that sets the stage for success
  2. Integrating a long-term approach into the Corporate Partnership sales cycle 
  3. The importance of ‘Sticki-ness’

As we go through the keys to success, learn from real world examples to demonstrate how you can apply this approach in your organization so that you can build your corporate partnerships in a values-aligned and sustainable way.

About Heather

Founder and President at boutique fundraising consultancy, BridgeRaise, Heather and her team help nonprofits raise more money from companies by prioritizing aligned values. Heather has worked in the non-profit sector for her whole career having held positions in program management, marketing, and fundraising. Prior to BridgeRaise, Heather was the first fundraiser at Food Banks Canada where she built and grew the corporate partnership program to a multi-million dollar program. 

She is an active volunteer and teacher, including having taught Introduction to Fundraising at Toronto Metropolitan University and is currently a member of Imagine Canada’s Caring Company steering committee. Heather loves trees, her dog and being a hockey mom! She’s very active on LinkedIn and would love to connect with you there: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nelsonheather/

This webinar is presented in partnership with Keela and Imagine Canada’s Grant Connect.

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