Best Practices with Keela: Online Donations 101

Webinar with Deepak Sekhri

Best Practices with Keela: Online Donations 101


Unlock the full potential of Keela and learn how you can maximize donations

The volume of online donations increases by 12% year-over-year. But despite their increasing popularity, many donation forms are donor UN-friendly, resulting in lower conversions for your organization. Don’t let your form stand in the way. Join Keela expert, Deepak Sekhri as he sets you on the path for success using Keela donation forms.

What this webinar covers:

– What making a donation and buying pants online have in common

– What your donation form should do for you (at the bare minimum)

– Ways we can increase online donations through a few simple changes

Deepak has worked extensively at the intersection of nonprofits and technology. As an expert in the space, he has spoken with thousands of development directors and executive directors about the challenges they face making the most of the technology at their disposal.

Learn actionable strategies to improve the work you do