Peer-to-Peer Premium Feature Walkthrough

Webinar with Elsie Coffey and Maggie Dubyk

Peer-to-Peer Premium Feature Walkthrough


Elsie Coffey, Director of Customer Care
Maggie Dubyk, Head of Customer Care

Do not adjust your television. You are not seeing double. This month’s Carelabs webinar will be presented by Keela’s own Customer Care dynamic duo!

Maggie and Elsie will show you how our newest Premium Feature will allow you to create and then share fundraising beautiful Peer-to-Peer campaigns with your family, friends, networks and communities.

Share your impact, your goal and the job of fundraising wit the world!

Your Webinar HostElsie
Teller of terrible jokes, breaker of silences – like many Aussies, Elsie loves to chat! She loves travelling around to visit famous peoples’ graves which, granted, is a little strange but she does get to see the world while she’s at it! Her lifelong romance of Sherlock Holmes novels has gifted her with a desperate need to investigate and discover. Her favourite thing to do is unlock new ways to empower Keela’s customers – and just share the Keela love with everyone.

Your Webinar Host – Maggie
Maggie Dubyk has spent over six years immersed in the nonprofit sector working with both local and international nonprofits. Her curiosity and dedication have encouraged her to dig deep in understanding the gaps in the sector that act as barriers to efficiency and generating impact. Alongside collaborative and innovative teams, she continues to contribute to the sector by researching, developing, and implementing frameworks and processes that are strategic, data-driven, and results-oriented. Maggie is currently working for Keela, a software company that provides non-profits with intelligent tools to manage donors, mobilize volunteers, and fundraise. She also currently sits as Chair on the board of an international NGO that focuses on youth education in both Uganda and Canada.

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