Planned Giving: Blow Up The Black Box – CFRE Certified

Webinar with Tony Martignetti

Planned Giving: Blow Up The Black Box – CFRE Certified


Learn how to implement a successful Planned Giving program from start to finish

Tony Martignetti, Consultant, Host of Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

You don’t need a law degree to start and grow a successful Planned Giving program that maximizes your donor lifetime value and keeps your nonprofit sustainable. Tony is a lawyer but he doesn’t talk like one. In plain language, he’ll explain:

  • What Planned Giving is
  • Who your best prospects are
  • Where to start, and
  • How to promote your new program

Then he’ll leave plenty of time to answer your questions. 

This webinar is of greatest value to you if your org is at least 5 years old and you have donors who are 55 and over. 

Tony Martignetti has specialized in Planned Giving since 1997. He started as a front line fundraiser and kicked off his consulting in 2003. He knows how to inaugurate and expand Planned Giving programs. He hosts the #1 podcast for nonprofits, Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio, Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%. Tony weaves his stand-up comedy background into all his talking. He’s at and @tonymartignetti

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