The Power of a Toolkit to Share Your Impact

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Webinar with Beth Brodovsky

The Power of a Toolkit to Share Your Impact


Beth Brodovsky – Founder, Iris Creative Group Inc

Join nonprofit brand and design strategist, Beth Brodovsky, for a game-changing webinar experience.

Promoting your organization’s programs and events is time consuming and expensive work.

Whether you have a comprehensive team or are a department of one, it’s hard to get beyond your audience and reach new people.

What you do have is legions of people in your orbit who would be happy to help. Donors, funders, sponsors, and volunteers all have followings of their own, and with a little support from you, they will gladly spread the word.

Ambassadors are volunteers who are willing to share your story with their networks. Make it easy for them to say yes by creating branded, customizable toolkits with easy to use copy and graphics to share.

Toolkits can be used for events, giving days, and awareness campaigns as well as for general brand marketing. Learn how to create the right tools and distribute them to expand your marketing reach.

After your session attendees will be able to:

  • Identify great candidates for ambassadors
  • Choose what types of tools to provide
  • Decide what format to deliver your Toolkit

About Beth

As the president of Iris Creative Group Inc., Beth Brodovsky works with nonprofit leaders to focus their audience and move them to action. For 25 years, Beth and her team have developed nonprofit branding, marketing and fundraising communication. She runs Nonprofit Toolkit, training programs to grow in house marketing skills on staff, hosted the 200-episode Driving Participation Podcast and speaks on nonprofit marketing nationally.

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