Recession-Proofing Your Nonprofit: How to Continue Serving Your Mission During Challenging Times

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Webinar with Bryna Dilman & Meredith Gray

Recession-Proofing Your Nonprofit: How to Continue Serving Your Mission During Challenging Times


Bryna Dilman – Senior Director of Growth and Marketing – Keela

Meredith Gray – Senior Marketing Manager – Keela

Serving your mission during a recession can be tricky without proper preparation. Looking back helps us all plan ahead. Let’s turn back time and gain learnings from the Great Recession of 2007 as a reference for understanding how nonprofits will fare during a recession. During the last recession, charitable giving decreased significantly, leading nonprofits of all sizes to lose billions of dollars.

Now flash forward to today.

Once again the nonprofit sector is seeing a decline in revenue and increased demand for its resources. So how can organizations like yours start preparing yourselves to weather the storm? Watch the webinar recording to hear fundraising experts Bryna Dilman, Senior Director of Growth & Marketing, and Meredith Gray, Senior Marketing Manager, from Keela explain how to raise more with your current donors and stakeholders, save acquisition costs and engage supporters during this difficult economic time.

In this webinar recording, you will learn how to continue to serve your mission during a recession by:

  • Gaining insights from the past recession
  • Learning how to prepare your organization for the incoming recession
  • Understanding how to look at your existing tools to help you raise more
  • Plus, 6 steps to engage with current stakeholders

This webinar will be closed captioned

Presented by: CharityVillage and Keela

About Bryna

Bryna has always believed in the power of technology and the use of data to help empower the nonprofit industry. She has led webinars, written articles, and is constantly researching how data-driven decision-making can help increase productivity, improve financial performance, enhance charities’ abilities to forecast effectively, and ultimately raise more for their cause. With almost 20 years of experience delivering innovative strategies and helping nonprofits deliver funding for their core mission, Bryna continues to pursue her passion of helping mission-focused organizations effect positive change.

About Meredith

Meredith has always had a passion for work that makes an impact. Having spent over 7 years working in fundraising, she has gained extensive knowledge in marketing, peer-to-peer, events, and sponsorship and firmly believes that all successful fundraising strategies start with your data. Having experienced it first-hand, she understands the challenges nonprofits face when building a fundraising strategy and loves connecting with other like-minded fundraisers to brainstorm new and creative ways to leverage data to increase revenue.

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