Direct Mail, Communications, Donation Summaries – Oh my!

Webinar with Elsie Coffey

Direct Mail, Communications, Donation Summaries – Oh my!


Elsie Coffey, Director of Customer Care at Keela

This month, the Product Team is starting to look a little like Elves in Santa’s Workshop.

All hands are on deck to build the latest Keela tools: Donation Summaries, Direct Mail and a brand spanking new Communications tool in Keela.

Donating Summaries (often referred to as End of Year Summaries), are a beautiful table of donation information that you can slip right into Keela’s E-blast Tool. These tables will automatically update themselves with your Contacts’ Donation Totals for a specific time period (the year, the month, the quarter) and populate that right into the email.

Keela’s new Direct Mail tool will allow you to create beautifully branded letters for printing right in your Keela account.

We are so excited to present these new tools to you so that you can start your year off right.

Join Elsie as she explains to us how the tool works and provides some handy tips and tricks to start your year with a bang.

Your Webinar Host:
Teller of terrible jokes, breaker of silences – like many Aussies, Elsie loves to chat! She loves travelling around to visit famous peoples’ graves which, granted, is a little strange but she does get to see the world while she’s at it! Her lifelong romance of Sherlock Holmes novels has gifted her with a desperate need to investigate and discover. Her favourite thing to do is unlock new ways to empower Keela’s customers – and just share the Keela love with everyone.

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