The Art of Fundraising: How Your Personality and Values Impact Your Fundraising Career

Webinar with Rowena Veylan

The Art of Fundraising: How Your Personality and Values Impact Your Fundraising Career


Learn how to align your core values as a fundraiser with the work that you do

Rowena Veylan, Founder and Lead Instructor of New School of Fundraising

We have all heard that there is an art and science to fundraising. All that you have to do is google “how to make an ask or grow your monthly donor program” to get at the science, but what do we do about the other half—the art?

All too often, fundraisers are hired based on “what” they have done, and we spend little time talking about the “how.” In fact, most fundraisers spend very little time on the art, and that can have a negative impact on their success and happiness in their roles.  

This workshop will explore the many facets of professional fundraising and how values alignment plays a key role in employee and talent retention. Whether you are hiring a fundraiser, are a fundraiser, or exploring a move to professional fundraising, this session is for you and promises to be a worthwhile conversation. 

About Rowena Veylan

A fundraiser, consultant, teacher, and mentor, Rowena has been working within the non-profit industry since 2003. She has held positions at a number of different organizations and is currently the Founder and Lead Instructor at the New School of Fundraising. 

Rowena has taught fundraising-related courses at BCIT and the Art Institute of Vancouver. She also has guest lectured and participated as a panelist for the Association of Professional Fundraisers, VantagePoint Vancouver, and Selkirk College. 

Rowena wholeheartedly loves what she does and her passion for her work has been described as contagious. She approaches each task and conversation with the belief that she is helping to make the world… a little better.

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