Panel – The Secret to Successful Nonprofit Leadership

Webinar with Sabrina Walker Hernandez, MPA, Sean Kosofsky, MPA and Gregory Nielsen

Panel – The Secret to Successful Nonprofit Leadership


In this panel-style webinar, three nonprofit leadership experts, will discuss how nonprofit leaders can improve their decision-making skills, navigate current challenges and set themselves up for long-term success.

Sabrina Walker Hernandez, MPA – President/CEO, Supporting World Hope

Sean Kosofsky, MPA – Founder, Nonprofit Fixer

Gregory Nielsen – President and CEO, Nielsen Training & Consulting, LLC

To thrive in an economy that’s rapidly evolving, nonprofit organizations need to make crucial decisions that can position them for success in the long term. Decision-makers in nonprofits, from executive directors to board members, need to be equipped with the right information, skills, and strategies to help their organizations’ campaigns and programs move forward. 

This session is an excellent opportunity to get answers to any questions you have about board fundraising, imposter syndrome, decision-making, compliance, or any specific nonprofit leadership issues. Now is your chance to level up your knowledge.


Sabrina Walker Hernandez, MPA 

Sabrina Walker-Hernandez is the President & CEO of Supporting World Hope. She has over 25 years of experience in nonprofit management, fundraising, and leadership. One of Sabrina’s greatest successes is that she increased operation revenue from $750,000 to $2.5 million over an 8-year period as well as being responsible for the planning and operations of a $12 million comprehensive capital campaign in the 3rd poorest county in the United States. She has also facilitated numerous workshops with hundreds of nonprofit professionals and is a master trainer for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Sabrina is certified in Nonprofit Management by Harvard Business School and bestselling author. 

Sean Kosofsky, MPA 

Sean Kosofsky is the “Nonprofit Fixer.” With over 28 years in local, state, and national nonprofits and political campaigns, Kosofsky and his network of providers specialize in helping small organizations in every facet of running a nonprofit. His specialties are supporting executive directors, boards, and fundraising operations. He offers coaching, consulting, facilitation and training. He offers online courses, digital fundraising books, and many other services.

Gregory Nielsen

Gregory Nielsen is a sought-after speaker and consultant committed to helping leaders and organizations translate vision into reality.

He is an accomplished nonprofit CEO, having previously led the Center for Nonprofit Excellence. His leadership was recognized locally and nationally and honored with awards from the Better Business Bureau for Ethics and the Louisville Urban League for championing diversity.

Gregory is a military veteran, having previously served as an officer and attorney in the United States Army. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government and International Relations from the University of Notre Dame and a Juris Doctorate from Notre Dame Law School.

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