Unlocking Matching Gift Success: Strategies to Double Donations

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Webinar with Mackenzie Burckbuchler

Unlocking Matching Gift Success: Strategies to Double Donations


Mackenzie Burckbuchler – Partnership Success and Marketing Specialist, Double the Donation

Although corporate matching gifts can fuel fundraising, only a fraction of eligible donors follow the request process through to completion. As a result, nonprofits often miss out on key opportunities to maximize donor generosity and increase funding. However, by solving for some common matching gift roadblocks and helping your donors navigate corporate matching, you can fully harness this form of giving. 

Join Double the Donation and Keela to learn how to uncover match opportunities and drive those matches to completion. We will cover:

  • How matching gift programs are structured
  • Why many donors do not submit their match request
  • How to increase donor awareness of matching gift opportunities
  • How to encourage your donors to submit their matching gift requests
  • & More!

By the end of this webinar, you will feel confident in your matching gift strategy. 

About Mackenzie

Mackenzie is a Partnership Success and Marketing Specialist at Double the Donation, the leading matching gift automation software. With a Master of Marketing degree, she understands the importance of nailing messaging and creating cohesive campaigns that resonate with audiences. Through her role, Mackenzie works with fundraising technology companies to help nonprofits and educational institutions leverage the power of corporate matching gifts.

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