Secrets of Successful Virtual Conferences – CFRE Accredited

Webinar with Mazarine Treyz

Secrets of Successful Virtual Conferences – CFRE Accredited


Learn how to run your next digital conference without a hitch

Is your conference up in the air? Or are you going totally virtual, like AFP ICON had to? You’re not alone.

Mazarine has directed 8 online conferences, partnered with multiple universities and gotten bigger and bigger sponsorships year over year with these events. She can give you all the benefit of her experience as your nonprofit looks to deal with this challenging time, so you don’t lose revenue or engagement with your supporters. 

Mazarine Treyz is a coach, speaker and best selling author of “The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising”, serving people in over 70 different countries. She works with government, nonprofits, and individuals, supporting people to bring their full selves to work. Mazarine specializes in helping nonprofit leaders land their dream career and fundraising goals through authentic relationships both online and offline. As a result, clients have received $30K raises, transitioned into new careers and created their own global nonprofits.

Learn actionable strategies to improve the work you do