Brand Slam: How to Get a Slam Dunk with Your Brand

Webinar with Taylor Shanklin

Brand Slam: How to Get a Slam Dunk with Your Brand


Learn How to Build a Strong Nonprofit Brand from the Ground Up

Taylor Shanklin, Vice President of Marketing at Pursuant

Your brand is at the core of how supporters and potential supporters perceive your organization and its work. Given the way that our world is evolving through technology, online engagement, and digital fundraising, having a strong brand and value proposition is critical to gaining and keeping attention. 

In “Brand Slam”, we will talk about the keys of good branding in 2020, rebranding and some tips on how to turn your marketing team into a content machine. Utilizing the power of FOMO, technology and the latest in social influence and engagement you can build a loyal tribe of followers. 
Taylor Shanklin is a speaker, podcast host, and marketing leader in the nonprofit sector. With 13 years’ experience in nonprofit marketing and technology, Taylor serves as Vice President of Marketing at Pursuant – a full-service fundraising agency that leverages analytics and insights to help organizations change the world.

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