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Donor Acquisition Plan: How to Get More Donors Online

We devote a lot of bleeps and bloops to explaining how to get your donors to stick around, give again, donate repeatedly, and get back to giving after taking a break. And it makes sense. Supporters who give more than once contribute more value to your mission than one-time donors. So it’s in your best […]

How Monthly Giving Programs for Nonprofits Build Long-term Success

Every nonprofit loves new donors. Reaching a new audience and convincing them to support your cause always feels amazing. But the truth is, one-time donations are just the first step toward building a relationship with your supporters. If you want to spend less money securing donations and more time creating a real community around your […]

5 Strategies For Engaging Donors During Economically Uncertain Times

Keeping donors actively engaged is a key priority for nonprofit organizations of all sizes.  Understanding the appropriate type of outreach and letting donors feel appreciated is essential, especially during economically uncertain times.  Here are 5 effective strategies for keeping donors engaged and providing ongoing support.  1. Communicate Regularly with Donors It’s crucial to communicate with […]