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19 Easy Ways to Optimize Donation Forms for Nonprofits

No matter how you fundraise online, whether you’re bulking up on Facebook followers, launching massive explosions of emails, or promoting peer-to-peer campaigns until there aren’t any more peers to reach, your potential donors are likely to end up at the same place: your donation form. If you’re like many nonprofit organizations, there’s a solid chance […]

Nonprofit SWOT Analysis: Effective Decision Making [The Ultimate Guide]

In the nonprofit sector, there is a finite number of donors and a limited amount of money destined for organizations. So, how can you lead the pack and attract more donors? You work on effective branding, messaging, programs, staffing, and essential things a nonprofit organization needs to make positive change. And then you’re done, right? […]

Write Insightful Fundraising Reports with these Key Metrics

Running a nonprofit organization isn’t all black-tie gala dinners and giant novelty checks. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions that impact your mission’s future, especially when it comes to fundraising. A solid fundraising program is essential to your nonprofit’s financial health. So it’s imperative that you fully understand the ins and outs of your […]