How Keela Manages Receipts for You

Philip Manzano • Dec 27, 2016
Donation receipts

It’s that time of year again. The donation season is over and it’s time to make sure everyone has their receipts. Make this task quick and painless with Keela.

Show Donors Their Impact By Sharing Donation Summaries

Using Keela, you can now send donors summaries of their contributions over a specific period.

Donation Summaries (often referred to as End of Year Summaries), are a beautiful table of donation information that you can slip right into Keela’s email marketing tool.

These tables will automatically update themselves with your contacts’ donation totals for a specific time period (the year, the month, the quarter) and populate that right into the email.

What does Keela do for you?

  • Automatically sends your donor their receipt immediately following an online donation
  • Stores donation receipts conveniently within contact profiles
  • Allows you to download receipts by time period or contact
  • Keeps a record of sent donation receipts in your inbox
  • Allows you to generate branded donation receipts in seconds for donations not made online

Here’s what a standard Keela-generated receipt looks like:

Nobody has time to search through records for donation receipts from 11 months ago. We believe that nonprofits should be using their precious time wisely. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to do the busy work for you.

All of Keela’s receipts for Canadian charities and American 501(c)(3) organizations are made to act as official tax documents and uphold national regulations.