Is QuickBooks good for Nonprofits?

QuickBooks offers a solution for nonprofits. There are tons of benefits, but is it the right fit for your nonprofit?

65 Ideas for Volunteer Appreciation

Thanking your volunteers is an important step to building a lasting relationship with your volunteer. It doesn’t matter how you go about thanking your donor — the important part is that you actually do it.

Introducing Pledges on Keela

Our Pledges feature will help you capture those commitments by giving you a convenient place to store the pledge information on your contact’s profile, and help you keep track of progress by connecting the pledge with donation and revenue payments that you log in Keela.

How can my nonprofit boost end of year donations?

End of year giving is a wonderful opportunity for your nonprofit to boost donations.

Why Day of the Girl Matters to Keela

International Day of the Girl is celebrated on October 11, 2018. It’s an important day for nonprofits to recognize and celebrate girls’ empowerment.