Covid-19 resources for nonprofits

Together, we’ll get through this.

As Covid-19 continues to affect our lives and livelihood, it’s important to stay connected and support each other. 

At Keela, our mission is to provide you with guidance and support through these unsettling times.  So, we’ve gathered our best resources to help you pivot your strategies to the digital realm. 

A Letter from Keela CEO:  How Keela can help in a time of uncertainty

Our priority, first and foremost, is to continue supporting nonprofits like yours because you can continue to make a difference. 

KeeLabs May Adaptation Series

A month-long webinar series on adapting to the unique challenges that your organization is facing in the times of COVID-19.

FREE Webinar Series – Nonprofit Survival

These weekly, educational webinars will give you the practical tools needed to not only survive, but thrive in the months ahead.

Sign up for available sessions or register for all and you will be automatically added to new webinars.

Tech Company Support for Nonprofits

Tech companies are taking initiatives to help nonprofits pivot their strategies online.

Nonprofit Management Software

To help you fundraise and keep your communities connected, we’re offering two free months of Keela’s nonprofit management software. Plus, get a free data review,  data import, and custom donation page that we will create for you.

Landing Page Builder

Unbounce allows you to build high-quality, custom landing pages without the need for a web developer. They are offering their essential plan to nonprofits for free for three months if you sign up before June 1st.

Social Media Planner

Hootsuite helps you schedule, monitor, and analyze your social media channels. They’re giving away Hootsuite Professional to nonprofits. Organizations impacted by the crisis can get free access to their professional tools until July 1st, 2020.

Digital Writing Assistant

Grammarly can help with a wide range of writing needs, including grant writing and communicating with donors or volunteers.
Through December 31, 2020, they are making their key features free for all qualifying nonprofit organizations.

Online Graphic Design Tool

Canva allows users to design presentations, social media graphics, flyers, and more with various templates, stock images, icons, shapes and fonts.  Canva Pro is free for nonprofits for up to 10 members. 

Website Behavior Analytics

Hotjar reveals the online behavior of your users through heatmaps, funnels, surveys, and more. Hotjar Business is free for nonprofits.

Resources to adapt your fundraising strategies

Our content library is full of resources to help you navigate today’s unique situation and plan for tomorrow’s new economy.

How to shift to a digital fundraising strategy 

The Complete Guide to Online Fundraising Ideas

If digital fundraising isn’t already part of your overall strategy, it’s time to adapt to the changing marketplace. We’ve compiled 11 online fundraising ideas to help you pivot your strategy. 

A Guide to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is one of the fastest growing areas in fundraising. It empowers your supporters to raise money from their own networks to fundraise on your behalf. This guide helps you get started. 

How to Write a Successful Fundraising Email

Email marketing is an essential tool for fundraising success. It’s an effective way to promote your cause and drum up online donations with a few clicks. 

How to raise money online 

8 steps to Collect Online Donations

Whether you’re already processing donations online or just getting started, this short guide unpacks the best way to collect online donations and maximize your digital contributions.

17 Tips to Boost Conversions on Your Donation Form

To hit your fundraising goal, you need a donation form that is designed to convert. This blog covers the best practices to create a seamless online experience for your potential donors. 

9 Donation Page Examples to Inspire You

The following nonprofit donation page examples can be used to spark your creativity and provide clear examples of ways you can inspire your guests to take the leap from visitor to donor.

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Tips for working from home

3 Leading Causes of Nonprofit Burnout and What You Can Do To Prevent Them

With long hours and lack of funding, management can often feel helpless in what options are available to them and their teams. Learn the big three reasons why employees burnout, and how you can help prevent them.

How to Work with Remote Teams Effectively

Whatever your remote policy is, you want to keep your team happy and make sure they keep producing high-quality work.  We have a few tips that will help you open up communication lines. 

30+ Free Tools for 

While most freemium nonprofit tools are rather limited, there are still quite a few that give you real value. We’ll walk you through the best free tools and explain how you can get the most value from each of them.