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About Beard & Bowler

We are master storytellers.

We love our work & we take pride in the organizations & the people we represent.

We started this company to make positive “ding” in the universe & our society’s culture.

If you aren’t moved by what you are watching, then we have failed.

Thank you to everyone that’s supported us on our journey thus far.

Jason Ellinger has had an interest in filmmaking since the days of junior-high since he was asked to videotape the varsity basketball games. He got yelled at for zooming in on the action a bit too much… it was just for the coach to playback & study. In early 2006, he picked up a camera of his own for his first production… his cousin’s wedding. At the next family gathering, he beamed with pride as he brought everyone to the living room to show them the final results. That pride in his work carries through to today where he prefers in-person screenings.

With the constant love & support of his wife, Ashley, Jason was able to invest in himself & bought his first professional HDV video camera.