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Tom Fellner


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About Bryt Idea Consulting

Bryt Idea is a consulting collective made up of a global network of brand and marketing professionals.

We work with some of the best web developers, designers, digital marketers, and brand experts to create best-of-class marketing strategies and solutions. Our vision is to help your business succeed and support cause-driven organizations in fulfilling their mission and purpose.

We live in a world that often seems in crisis. War, poverty, injustice, racism, corruption, and oppression are all around us. How do we even begin to confront these challenges? Across the globe, cause-driven organizations, businesses, and nonprofits alike, work diligently to address these challenges. Some in our backyard working to make changes in our neighborhoods and communities, others work tirelessly worldwide to change the lives of people we will never know. They do this not merely for financial gain but also to make the world a better place. Bryt•Idea’s mission is to help these cause-driven organizations make their message known, optimize their processes, and create a more significant impact in fulfilling their mission and purpose.

Founded by Tom Fellner in 2019, Bryt Idea Consulting provides cost-effective marketing and brand strategy consultation and fractional CMO Services.