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London, ON, Canada

Fred Chagnon


Nonprofit Expertise

Database Management, Grant Research/Writing

About Cymplify.IT

We are a technology service provider with a focus on third-sector organizations. We partner with nonprofits, social services, government organizations, or businesses with a deeply social goal at their core. Our offerings have been tailored to fit the specific challenges of these organizations, and to accelerate them toward achieving their mission.

Founded in 2018 and located downtown London, Ontario, Cymplify.IT serves South-Western Ontario providing technology advisory, consulting, and managed IT services and support.

Our Mission: Through our partnerships with government corporations, nonprofits, and businesses with a social impact, we will create a positive impact on our local and global communities. We will guide and support our partners in the effective use of information technology and, in so doing, better facilitate the pursuit of their mission. 

Why the focus on nonprofits, government agencies, and social enterprises? 

Without a focus on an industry, we would become yet another IT support firm able to support your technology, but unable to understand your business clearly. 

We want to provide real tangible business value to our clients, and the only way to do that is to plug ourselves into their world. And what better world to dedicate ourselves to than the one where we see hard-working individuals working tirelessly in the aid of others, often underfunded, often with limited exposure to technology. 

Who wouldn’t want to dedicate themselves to this crowd?