Victoria, BC, Canada

Francis Quintal



Nonprofit Expertise

Fundraising, IT/Technology

About Quartermaster

Technical Advice: We’re here to come alongside and simplify complex tech concepts for smart decisions. Would it be helpful to have a translator to bridge the gap between your team and suppliers, or even within departments? As your tech masters, we’ll guide you through the tech landscape by making the complex clear.

Digital Transformation: We guide leaders and their teams through a structured process to unlock your nonprofit’s digital growth. Our tailored digital transformation projects are designed to streamline your operations, enhance constituent engagement, and maximize your mission’s reach. With our expertise, your organization can thrive in the digital era, turning your vision into reality. Our Digital Transformation Discovery & Facilitation service is centered on empowering those who are closest to the problem, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Digital Solutions: We align technology solutions (yes, we mean websites, but often it means changes to processes and even payment processors!) with your organization’s specific needs, ensuring a tailored and impactful approach to boost revenue and achieve your mission’s goals. Our deep domain knowledge in fundraising and industry connections allows us to deliver the strategy you need to solve the problem. What’s more, we’ll tackle the whole tech stack and educate