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Jennifer Simmons


Nonprofit Expertise

Database Management, Grant Research/Writing

About Simmons Consulting

Now, more than ever, non-profits are a vital bridge in protecting at-risk families and children. Today’s economic landscape has forced organizations to make difficult choices to maintain client care or even keep the doors open. Diversifying your organization’s funding portfolio is the key to sustaining your most critical services.  Let us ignite your potential for more significant impact!

At Simmons Consulting, we all have good hearts,  just like you.  What we add to your organization is dedicated resources, expertise,  experience, and an external perspective.  No organization is too big or small to benefit from our services. Ultimately, we recognize our clients strive to make a difference, and we want to help you do that!

Have funding you want to pursue now? We can assist by clarifying application guidelines, researching best practices, completing appropriate needs assessments, or organizing the entire proposal.  Have no idea where to start – let us locate potential funders for you.  Since our inception, we have generated over $65 million in funding for our clients. 

Are you struggling with putting your program into practice? Our hands-on knowledge will introduce ideas for leveraging resources and setting up data collection processes to streamline funder reporting.  Need assistance creating an entire framework – we do that too!

Creating sustainable funding comes from asking the hard questions about “how well” and “how many” service recipients you are helping and reaching.  Funders want to know they are investing in evidence-based solutions – this requires a thorough review of your program outcomes. We can walk you through these steps for continued success.