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San Francisco, CA, USA

Amarpreet Singh


Nonprofit Expertise

Branding, Database Management

About The Flywheel Company

Our goal is to help non-profits become better using modern technology tools. These tools were only accessible to tech-savvy companies in the past, but now with the advent of no-code revolution, these tools can easily be implemented.

Topics we consult in:

  • CMS
  • Online Donation Forms
  • Donor & Volunteer Management
  • Website, Email Marketing
  • Knowledge Management
  • Photo/Video Asset Management,
  • Internal Communications & Collaboration

Our Fees: We don’t charge any fees upfront. You pay us whatever you feel is the fair price after you have seen the value 1st hand (& this can be $0 also if you feel you received no value). We will also waive 100% of our fees if you cannot afford to pay.