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Are you really going to use that? That’s the question I ask everyone when they are looking at new technology. 

Sure, it might look great on paper, but once you try it out, can you see yourself actually using the technology day-to-day? 

I use Keela with a number of clients and love the ease of use, incredible insights, and straightforward setup. Most of all, it’s easy. Even for non-techies.

But don’t just take my word for it – sign up for a demo and test it out. I know you’ll fall in love just like I did. And yes, I fell in love with technology. You will too.

As a season sponsor of the Talking Shizzle Podcast, they are offering our listeners and community 40% off your first-year subscription to Keela.

Taylor Shanklin
CEO of Barlele & Creative Shizzle

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Keela is a fundraising CRM that unifies fundraising and donor communications, with a mission to empower nonprofits to improve donor relations through targeted, multi-channel approaches.

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