5 Fundamental Habits Every Fundraiser Needs Now

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Webinar with Mallory Erickson

5 Fundamental Habits Every Fundraiser Needs Now


Mallory Erickson  Executive Leadership & Development Coach, Mallory Erickson Coaching

You hear it all the time: “I don’t have enough time to [insert x].” But what if there was a way to massively increase your capacity as a fundraiser without working more hours or needing more time? Well, there is, and it’s not a gimmick, it’s science. Watch as Mallory Erickson cuts through the noise and breaks down the scientifically backed behaviors, habits, and strategies that define the most effective fundraisers and fundraising departments. Plus you’ll learn how to design other desired habits to make them stick – for both you AND your funders.

About the Speaker

Mallory Erickson is an executive coach, fundraising consultant, and host of the podcast What the Fundraising, aimed at supporting nonprofit leaders to fundamentally change the way they lead and fundraise. Through her signature framework, the Power Partners Formula™️, Mallory provides unique tools to help nonprofits fundraise more from foundations, corporate partners, and individuals. She has trained over 60,000 fundraisers using elements of her unique win-win framework, which combines best practices from executive coaching, science-backed behavior design, and fundraising strategy. If you want to feel differently about fundraising as well as clear and excited about your next steps, Mallory’s work is for you.

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