Impact Measurement for Nonprofits: How to Increase Funding & Improve Retention

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Webinar with Traci Shirachi

Impact Measurement for Nonprofits: How to Increase Funding & Improve Retention


Traci Shirachi, CEO, The Mark

Over the course of the pandemic, many organizations have expressed challenges in demonstrating to stakeholders how they contribute to positive change in the communities they serve. With a potential global recession on the horizon, there is more pressure to demonstrate impactful change as those contributing dollars to causes want to know what impact has been achieved with their donated funds.  

Impact measurement has become a hot topic amongst philanthropic circles. However, despite an increased interest in impact measurement, many nonprofit professionals do not know how to define it and how to effectively demonstrate their impact. More importantly, many are unsure where to start with impact measurement reporting. 

In this free webinar, join subject matter expert, Traci Shirachi, CEO of The Mark, as she covers impact measurement or impact reporting for nonprofits, and what organizations can do to create a data evaluation framework that addresses both program evaluation and impact measurement. Organizations of all sizes will learn how to implement a data evaluation framework that is cost-effective, resource efficient, and demonstrates impact in the form of outcomes and outputs so that you can demonstrate to your donors and stakeholders the positive impact they drive. 

About Traci

Traci is the CEO/President of The Mark USA, Inc. (“The Mark”). The Mark is a data analytics applied research and evaluation company that is located across the U.S. The company works with non-profit and government organizations in different countries. The Mark uses rigorous data collection and research methods to evaluate, measure, and report on impact so organizations can achieve and demonstrate sustainable growth in the communities they serve.

Prior to leading The Mark, Traci was a Director for PricewaterhouseCoopers in transfer pricing and accounting. Traci has extensive experience advising high growth organizations in strategy, finance, and operations.

Traci has an MBA from Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University and a BA in Political Science from the University of California, Davis. Traci is married and has two young girls (7 years old and 4 years old). She is actively involved as a Board member of WISEPlace, an organization focused upon ending homelessness for unaccompanied women.

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