Best Practices with Keela: Measuring Success with Keela KPIs

Webinar with Elsie Coffey

Best Practices with Keela: Measuring Success with Keela KPIs


Learn how to use Keela to measure data that matters and empower your decision making.

Elsie Coffey, Head of Customer Engagement at Keela

We talk about KPIs a lot here at Keela. My boss, Tasi, is the master of them and we’ve definitely harnessed her knowledge when it comes to adding them to the Keela system.

In this webinar, we’ll look at the inbuilt and automatically calculated KPIs that are available in Keela and how you can use them to make informed decisions and grow your nonprofit. We’ll chat about comparing yourself to the benchmarks of other organizations and how to keep track of your progress to ensure you’re measuring what matters.

Optional Previous Watching:

If you’d like a deep-dive into what KPIs are and why they are important to your organization, check out our previous KPI webinar: KPIs for Nonprofits – A Crash Course by the master herself before you come along!

Your Webinar Host:

Teller of terrible jokes, breaker of silences – like many Aussies, Elsie loves to talk! She loves travelling around to visit famous peoples’ graves which, granted, is a little strange but she does get to see the world while she’s at it! Her favourite thing to do is learn from our customers, getting to know their stories and just sharing the Keela love!

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