Organizing Your Data in Keela

Webinar with Elsie Coffey

Organizing Your Data in Keela


Tags, Impact Areas, Custom Fields and More!

Elsie Coffey

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again. We absolutely adore data at Keela.

Data is the key to unlocking the strengths, weaknesses, successes and opportunities of your organization. Without this kind of strategy, we’re all just leaves in the wind!

One of the most powerful things about your Keela account is your ability to syphon your data into a whole host of buckets, labels, keywords, tags, fields and more. You could be sorting your Contacts into individual email lists based on subscription preferences or tracking what specific cause areas at your organization folks are more likely to give to. Every one of these data labels has a dynamic set of uses that you can leverage!

Join Elsie as she discusses each of these labels, the multiple ways that you can use them and demonstrates how to start implementing these strategies straight away.

Bring along any questions that you have about:

  • Tags
  • Custom Fields
  • Sources
  • Keywords
  • Impact Areas
  • Campaigns

You’ll leave this webinar with a strong understanding of how each of these tools can impact your data, and a strategy for how to design your Keela account with this in mind!

Your Webinar Host – Elsie
Teller of terrible jokes, breaker of silences – like many Aussies, Elsie loves to chat! She loves travelling around to visit famous peoples’ graves which, granted, is a little strange but she does get to see the world while she’s at it! Her lifelong romance of Sherlock Holmes novels has gifted her with a desperate need to investigate and discover. Her favourite thing to do is unlock new ways to empower Keela’s customers – and just share the Keela love with everyone.

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