Secrets to Grant Seeking Success for Small Shop Fundraisers

Webinar with Sheila Kern

Secrets to Grant Seeking Success for Small Shop Fundraisers


Sheila Kern, Fundraising Consultant at Purposefully

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Applying for grants is just part of the daily grind as a nonprofit organization. Funds from grants often help to keep the doors open and the lights on, allowing you to do the community-changing work that you love. But for a small shop, grant writing can be an enormous (not to mention stressful) task. 

No in-house grant writer? No problem! 

In this webinar, you’ll learn tips, tricks, and tools to increase your success with grants and keep that funding flowing for years to come. 

You’ll leave this session with:

  • Actionable insights to consider when applying for your next grant
  • Knowledge of the trends in today’s grant writing landscape 
  • Secrets to help you secure funding for your programs

About Sheila Kern

Sheila Kern is a results-driven leader who’s dedicated her career to supporting social purpose and charitable organizations achieve impact in their communities. As principal consultant at Purposefully in Vancouver, Sheila offers experience in leadership, fundraising, strategic planning, governance, and grant writing.

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