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Millennial Giving: How to Reach Gen Z and Millennial Donors

The Baby Boomer generation has been a cultural and economic driving force for decades, and from a fundraiser’s perspective, makes the lion’s share of nonprofit donations. But the era of Boomers is coming to a close and happily, older generations are passing the torch to their children and grandchildren. Gen X can see the retirement […]

20 Easy Ways to Optimize Donation Forms for Nonprofits

No matter how you fundraise online, whether you’re bulking up on Facebook followers, launching massive explosions of emails, or promoting peer-to-peer campaigns until there aren’t any more peers to reach, your potential donors are likely to end up at the same place: your donation form. If you’re like many nonprofit organizations, there’s a solid chance […]

Donor Acquisition Plan: How to Get More Donors Online

We devote a lot of bleeps and bloops to explaining how to get your donors to stick around, give again, donate repeatedly, and get back to giving after taking a break. And it makes sense. Supporters who give more than once contribute more value to your mission than one-time donors. So it’s in your best […]

Communicate More With Less: Email Drips for Nonprofits

Also called email automation, email drips are a tech-enabled strategy that nurtures your audience, keeping them engaged and driving them to donate. Here’s how to set them up, as well as ways to use drips to your advantage.

Level-up your Email Personalization Game with Dynamic Content

Salesforce has revealed that 84% of customers say that being treated as a person, not a number, is the key to winning their business.  Companies like Fitbit, Grammarly, Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix have aced their email personalization game by using dynamic content that is personalized for every subscriber.  There was a time when personalization was […]