Donation Page Comparison: How to Choose the Best One for Your Nonprofit

The Keela Team • Nov 22, 2022

From shopping to banking to socializing, we live most of our lives online. The internet has brought so many conveniences to modern life that most people look to accomplish their day-to-day tasks without leaving their homes. So why would fundraising be any different? Spoiler alert…it’s not! Just like the shoppers, bankers, and socializers, your donors are looking for an online donation page to make their gifts. 

Over the past year, online giving has grown by over 23% compared to the previous year. In addition, nearly 80% of millennial and gen z donors plan to give online in the next 12 months, making online donations the most popular form of giving for the next generation of donors. 

So how can your nonprofit ensure you have online giving options that encourage more donations and help you raise more? It all starts with your online ‘donate now’ page, also called a donation page.

Your donation page is more than a place where your donors enter their credit card information. It’s an opportunity to inspire, share impact and transform one-time donors into lifelong supporters! But with so many donation pages available, how does a nonprofit choose one that’s right for their organization’s particular needs? Check out the information below to compare the unique features of popular donation pages to help you narrow down which one will meet your needs! 

1. Keela

Keela is more than just a fundraising CRM, it’s software that unifies fundraising and donor communications. 
Keela’s donation pages are built using smart technology to better engage and steward donors. 
In addition to smart tools, Keela’s donation pages include features designed to take pressure and stress off the fundraiser including automated receipting, embedded forms so that donors can make donations directly on the page and email marketing features to encourage donor retention. 
On average, nonprofits that use Keela’s donation pages see a 4x increase in revenue 
A Keela form, styling options, and campaign progress bars

Keela’s Key Donation Page Features

  • Smart Ask feature that analyzes donor giving history, demographic information and wealth indicators to create a custom ask for each donor
  • Automated thank you emails and tax receipts to ease administrative burden
  • Opportunity for donors to cover processing fees 
  • Customizable fields to collect the information most important to your organization 
  • Recurring giving prompts to turn one-time donors into lifelong supporters 
  • Opportunity to make tribute donations
  • Customizable cause areas that allow donors to choose how they would like their donation allocated 
  • Thermometers to track fundraising campaign progress
  • Free donation forms for nonprofits with 250 contacts or less
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising pages
  • Integrations with other software such as BitPay and Double the Donation to help you increase fundraising revenue and accept all forms of currency, including crypto.


Pricing starts at $90/month for the full CRM. Click here for more Keela pricing.

Who is Keela For?

Keela is ideal for nonprofits that are looking for an all-in-one solution for their fundraising. It is perfect for organizations that are looking to use technology to take their donation pages to the next level to inspire more donors to give, or engage existing donors to deepen their support. In addition, Keela is perfect for small organizations looking for their first donation pages as they offer a free platform for nonprofits with 250 contacts or less.

Headshot of Angela Crampton Marketing and Partnerships Manager at SheJumps

Learn how one nonprofit used Keela’s donation forms to increase their revenue.

We utilize Keela campaigns and forms for all of our individual giving efforts and can trace nearly $250,000 of donation revenue from Keela forms over the course of our time using Keela.” – Angela Crampton – SheJumps

2. Donorbox

Donorbox is a platform that includes an online donation form that easily integrates into your website and securely collects donations. 

Donorbox prides their forms on their integrations with payment processors, making it easy to ensure that your donors’ payment preferences are acknowledged. They also highlight a quick donation process through autofill features along with the ability to manage donor records. 

Donorbox’s Key Donation Page Features

  • Embedded donation forms directly into your website
  • Customizable and branded with your logo and colors 
  • Automated donor wall and integrated social media sharing options 
  • Variety of payment processing options including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and PayPal


Pricing starts at 1.5% platform fee plus donation processing fees.

Who is Donorbox For?

Donorbox is ideal for nonprofits looking to integrate their forms with an existing website builder such as WordPress, Wix, etc. It is also a good option for nonprofits looking for crowdfunding, text-to-give and event ticketing options.

3. Luminate Online

Blackbaud Luminate Online provides secure, online fundraising tools to collect online gifts. 

If you’re a fundraiser, you’ve likely heard of Blackbaud. Blackbaud is one of the largest nonprofit software companies in the market, leading them to be a trusted option for many organizations across the globe.

Luminate Online’s Key Donation Page Features

  • Dynamic donation forms with auto-fill features 
  • Mobile friendly
  • Recurring giving options and tribute giving
  • Email marketing features to automate receipting and follow-up emails 
  • Peer to peer fundraising pages 
  • eCard campaign options


Blackbaud does not list their prices publicly.

Who is Luminate Online For?

Luminate Online donation pages are ideal for nonprofits that are already using a Blackbaud product and have a team that is comfortable using the platform and aren’t interested in adopting new technology. They are a good option for organizations with a large volume of contacts.

4. Bloomerang

Bloomerang is donor management software for nonprofits. 

Bloomerang’s donation pages have a strong focus on being aesthetically pleasing. They highlight easy to use forms that lead to a positive donor experience, but don’t focus on the ease of use and set up for the fundraiser. 

Bloomerang’s Key Donation Page Features

  • Mobile app that allows you to collect donations while at conferences and events. 
  • Dynamic donation buttons on every page of your website, not just your donation forms 
  • Peer to peer and crowdfunding tools 
  • Recurring giving prompts on the donation form 
  • Tribute giving options 
  • Option for donor to cover processing fees


Pricing starts at $99 per month and is dependant on number of contacts. 

Who is Bloomerang For?

Bloomerang’s donation pages are ideal for nonprofits focused on event fundraising including those that have ticket sales as a main revenue stream. Their pages require a certain amount of technical know-how, making them better suited for tech advanced nonprofits.

5. Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up is a donation platform that aims to increase conversions, enable modern payment methods and personalize the giving experience. 

Their claim to fame seems to be their Checkout feature, which opens up a donation form as a pop-up on the page where the donation button is clicked. In addition to Checkout, Fundraise Up is a bit more technologically advanced than some other donation forms, with the exception of Keela, and uses machine learning technology on their pages.

Fundraise Up’s Key Donation Page Features

  • Recurring giving prompts 
  • Multiple payment options including one-click, bank transfer, and digital wallet 
  • Over 20 language options
  • Peer to Peer fundraising 
  • Crypto donations 
  • Machine learning capabilities


Pricing options include 4% fee per transaction or custom pricing for larger organizations.

Who is Fundraise Up For?

Fundraise Up’s donation pages are best suited for large nonprofits with an international reach. With multiple language options, it’s a good option for organizations with locations around the world.

6. Classy

Classy is a giving platform that enables nonprofits to connect supporters with the causes they care about.

A large focus of Classy’s pages is on impact sharing, and using impact to inspire more donations. They claim to put impact front and center and bundle it with recurring giving prompts for donors.

Classy’s Key Donation Page Features

  • Recurring giving prompts 
  • Customizable branding options 
  • Reporting and analytics 
  • Integration with other CRMs
  • Auction and bidding technology 
  • International fundraising options


Classy does not list their pricing publicly.

Who is Classy For?

Classy is ideal for nonprofits that are satisfied with their CRM and are looking for a better donation page option. With their peer to peer options and auction technology it’s also a good option for organizations that rely heavily on event fundraisers.


We hope that you’ve taken a bit of time to consider your donation page options. Your donation pages should be thought of as an investment that strengthen and compliment your fundraising efforts, not just a point of sale transaction. 

Ready to discuss how Keela’s donation pages can take your organization’s fundraising to the next level? 

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About the Author: 
Meredith Gray, Head of Marketing at Keela

Meredith has always had a passion for work that makes an impact. Having spent over 7 years working in fundraising, she has gained extensive knowledge in marketing, peer-to-peer, events, and sponsorship and firmly believes that all successful fundraising strategies start with your data.

Having experienced it first-hand, she understands the challenges nonprofits face when building a fundraising strategy and loves connecting with other like-minded fundraisers to brainstorm new and creative ways to leverage data to increase revenue. When not working, Meredith can be found trying out one of Toronto’s diverse restaurants, breaking a sweat in a spin class, or researching her next travel destination.