Bringing you enhanced data, for more accurate predictions.

KIT’s AI-powered, intelligence platform optimizes your organization’s fundraising efforts. By enriching your data with machine learning, it’s even easier to reach your organization’s revenue targets. 

How the Integration Works

KIT and Keela have partnered to provide you with a seamless experience for analyzing every data point in your CRM, so you never miss an important fundraising opportunity again.

KIT’s predictive analytics tools utilize your Keela database to identify trends, uncover hidden opportunities, and prioritize day-to-day fundraising work. All this and more is easily managed from a customizable KPI and reporting dashboard. 

This selection of enhancements is free of charge and included with every Keela subscription.

Look for the “powered by KIT” symbol across your Keela system.

Why Use Keela + KIT

Insights Powered by KIT

Donor Score

Automatically rank donors according to giving behavior and categorize them.

Smart Ask

Automatically tells you the ideal amount to ask for from each donor.

Smart Ask Forms

Embed Smart Ask Forms in emails to ensure you ask for the right amount.

Campaign Recommendations

Automatically predict which donors are likely to give to your next campaign.

Donor Readiness

Know how likely your donor is to donate within the next two weeks.

Time Of Year

Know how likely your donor is to donate within the next two weeks.

About KIT

KIT is an AI-powered fundraising insights tool enabling fundraisers to raise more money with less effort by optimizing every step of the fundraising process with machine learning. 

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