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Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations

PANO is the statewide membership organization serving the community benefit sector through advocacy, education, and support to improve the quality of life in Pennsylvania

PANO amplifies the impact of the community benefit sector through advocacy, collaboration, learning, and support.

PANO envisions vibrant, thriving communities where people reach their fullest potential.

PANO provides educational opportunities designed to equip nonprofit staff, board, and volunteers. We offer trainings in a variety of formats to help nonprofit professionals improve their impact, gather as a sector, exchange ideas, and learn about current issues.

PANO offers consulting services to help organizations meet challenges, support their growth, and take their organization to the next level. Whether you need some to facilitate a board retreat or lead strategic planning, our group of experienced consultants are ready for any project.

Nonprofits are social and economic drivers, making up 15% of Pennsylvania’s workforce and serving millions of Pennsylvanians. PANO advocates on public policy issues that impact the nonprofit sector. We serve as a unified voice for the nonprofit community to influence policies and mobilize organizations as advocates around the state.

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